Chris Dirth

By far the best haircut and hair cut experience I have ever had. 
The shop itself is awesome. It has a great industrial atmosphere with huge ceilings that make the place feel bigger than it actually is. Everything is laid out nicely with plenty of space and good flow. 
Aaron and his staff are true professionals. Every cut gets a wash, hot towel, and scalp massage! I’ve only had a couple different people cut my hair (usually Aaron) but everyone listens to what I want and I always walk out of there feeling like I got exactly that. 
Close attention to detail, friendly people, and a great value, what more could you ask for!
The only bad thing about the shop is that it sets your expectations so high. I have lived in the SF bay area for a little over a year now and I have not been able to find anything that comes close to what Aaron and his team have to offer. I wish he would open up a shop down here!